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Spring 2012 Rutgers Experimental Economics Workshop Series

 All talks take place in room 101, New Jersey Hall, at 75 Hamilton Street, New Brunswick, NJ. Meeting time is 11:30am-1:00pm unless otherwise noted.

Jan. 27:  Ebru Isgin, Rutgers University, “Information Transparency, Fairness Intentions and Labor Market Efficiency.”     * 1pm starting time *          

 Feb 3: Jeff Birchby, Rutgers University, “Communication, Coordination and Fairness in a Median Game.”

 Feb 10: Steve Gazzillo, Rutgers University, “Emergence of Risk Sharing in a Stochastic Environment.”

 Feb 17: Barry Sopher, Rutgers University, “Efficiency-Enhancing Protocols for Two-Person Games: An Experimental Study of Mechanisms for Bilateral Trade”

 Feb 24: John Smith, Rutgers University, “Cognitive Load in the Multi-player Prisoners’ Dilemma Game: Are There Brains in Games?”

 Mar 2: Ernest Lai, Lehigh University, “A Game-Theoretic Approach to Randomized Response.”

 Mar 9: Emanuel Vespa, New York University, “Cooperation in Dynamic Games: An Experimental Investigation.”

 Mar 23: Sean Crockett, Baruch College, CUNY, “Momentum Trading Through Reference Dependent Preferences”

 Mar 30: Mary Rigdon, Rutgers University, “Behavioral Economics and Social Preferences”

 Apr 6: Joseph Tao-yi Wang, National Taiwan University, “Risk-Taking in Tournaments”

 Apr 13: Ilhom Abdulloev, Rutgers University, “Altruism and the Warm Glow Effect in Public Goods Games”

 Apr 20: Aparna Anand, CUNY-Graduate Center, “Asymmetric Dominance Effects in Financial Decision Making”

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